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Things to See in Rome

Colosseum, RomeCheck out these amazing landmarks, attractions, monuments and world famous sites when you visit Rome!

The Colosseum - Probably Rome’s most famous symbol, built in the first century AD, at the peak of the Roman Empire and now officially one of the seven man-made wonders of the world.

St Peter’s Basilica & Vatican Museums - Not technically part of Rome, the the Vatican city-state is within the city of Rome and its museums, including the Sistine Chapel, are the largest in the world.

The Roman Forum - Probably the most impressive archaeological site in the world, the Roman Forum encompasses the ruins of down-town ancient Rome, including Julius Caesar’s final resting place.

The Spanish Steps - The stunning 138 steps with Bernini’s Fountain of the Barcaccia at the bottom is one of Rome’s most enchanting and vibrant hang out spots by day and night.

The Trevi Fountain - One of the world’s most recognizable and beautiful fountains, immortalized in the classic movie, La Dolce Vita.

Piazza Navona - Another one of Rome’s most famous Baroque piazzas with another of master sculptor Bernini’s most famous works as its centerpiece, the fountain of the Four Rivers.

Basilica of San Giovanni - The highest ranking patriarchal cathedral in Italy (St Peter’s is in the Vatican City).

Circus Maximus - A top hang out spot and the location of all the biggest special events since ancient Roman times, particularly large-scale concerts and music festivals.

St Peter's Basilica, RomePiazza Venezia - The real epicenter of Rome and the site of the instantly recognizable Vittoriano Monument, arguably the finest example of architecture from the fascist period in Italy.

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